Many consider a hair transplant in Poland as a solution. About 80% of men worldwide are affected by hereditary hair loss . This is above all a challenge for the psyche, because full hair in our society is primarily associated with health and attractiveness. The room for maneuver is not large: accept that in the worst case, it can lead to a bald head or with a hair transplantation back to full hair? Many sufferers opt for surgery of a hair transplant. Especially the cost issue plays an enormous role. Especially the prices abroad are tempting. We researched for you today whether the hair transplantation in Poland makes sense and not only gentle on the wallet.

Hair Transplant Poland: Cost-effective alternative to Germany?

Anyone who searches for cheap clinics for a hair transplant abroad, often comes across Polish contact points in Warsaw or Krakow. In fact, one does not necessarily have to complete his surgery in Germany. There are not only high quality standards here. Anyone who would rather undergo hair transplantation in Germany, however, must expect prices between 5 and 10,000 euros, depending on how far the hair loss has progressed. Unfortunately, not everyone can survive.

Basically, it is difficult to give a precise indication of hair transplant costs in Poland, as the prices vary depending on the initial situation of the hair. For example, it makes a difference whether you just want to fill up your receding hairline or the entire top of your head with hair. The price depends on the amount of transplanted grafts . In Turkey , however, to quote another option, prices from € 2,000 can be expected. A far more pleasant offer for your wallet.

Anyone who has toyed with the idea of ​​turning to his health insurance company for the purpose of reimbursement must unfortunately not expect too much help. Although sufferers often struggle with psychological stress, but this argument does not seem sufficient. Having the support with a hardship claim is also not likely to succeed. Only the purchase of wigs, toupees and hairpieces in general is partly borne by the coffers.

A relief in terms of the costs incurred, this is often a financing dar. So the hair transplantation can be paid in many places in installments.

Why are the costs of a hair transplant abroad so low?

A common prejudice regarding the low prices for a hair transplant abroad is the lack of quality. But can not the service provided abroad actually keep up with German clinics? Mischief! Even outside Germany perfect results can be achieved. The deciding factor is the lower non-wage labor costs . Often packages of travel, accommodation and surgery are offered, which are significantly cheaper in the total price than in this country. That’s because the salaries of doctors and employees are lower.

What to look out for in a hair transplant

Now you already know that the low hair transplant costs in Poland and Turkey say nothing about the quality of the results. We do not want to fool you. Black sheep are everywhere, even in Poland and elsewhere. It is not all gold that shines. If the doctor is rarely seen in the operating room and most of the work is done by the nurses, this is not a good indication.

So you do not fall for bad providers, we have put together a few important To Dos, which you should note in advance:

  • The price of taking a graft (unit of hair roots) should not be less than € 1.50
  • Take a look at Internet reviews and reviews of the clinic
  • Find out how renowned the institute is and how many interventions have already been made
  • Let the costs be carefully defined in the consultation
  • Make sure that aftercare is included in the package.

Is hair transplantation in Poland advisable?

Basically, the quality of the intervention does not necessarily correlate with its price. You can and should expect good performance outside Germany too. Here is a good advice before the A and O.  Find out enough about procedure, method and cost of surgery. What exactly is included in the treatment package? The cost of a hair transplant is therefore not an indicator of inferior quality. Nevertheless, there are also black sheep abroad, against which you can protect yourself only by sufficient research in advance.